Brass Keeper

Hey Guys, I’m back again with another keeper.  As you know I’m on a brass kick and have been very lucky finding pieces that catch my eye. Even though I always liked the look, I use to stray away from it because of the tarnish.  But ever since I revived this antique brass coat rack with Barkeepers Friend, I’m no longer hesitant.  I found this pair of brass sconces which were badly (and very badly) tarnished.  I was looking for something to hang in my bedroom near my dresser because the space is sort of bleak.  Since my suit is basically art deco, these sconces have a bit of art deco flare with the round mirror I thought they’d be great in the room.

To clean them I used the liquid barkeepers friend.  Simply just dab some on a cloth and rub to clean it off.  Once the brass is cleaned, then take another cloth to buff and shine – note:  (one step I added after I buffed it clean is I rinsed it with water and towel dried it).  They shined up very well.  

See how clean they are now.

Glad I found them and took a chance, because they’re a perfect balance for the space flanking my dresser.  So if you see some brass pieces you really like, don’t pass on it… grab the barkeepers friend and bring it back to life.  You’ll be smiling like me.

As always, happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!





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