2017 – Take A Walk Back

Five years ago I sat behind my computer contemplating “should I or shouldn’t I” but felt the compelling desire to take a leap into the blog world.  Not only did I not know what a blog was, but starting one, writing one, creating a webpage and content was foreign, but none the less, through my perseverance this dream became a reality.  Through it I’ve shared my home decor, thrift scores and some personal moments along the way .  All of which I do to inspire you and to give you some insight of who I am.  I thank you for joining me and becoming a part of my life in this section that I’ve carved out in cyberworld.

I’m writing this post as a reflection on my life in 2017.  Have you had a year that you wish would have never happened?  Well 2017 was that year for me, but through the roughness I made it and kept a smile on my face.  When the year began I was ecstatic about starting my magazine, Let’s Go Thrifting  which had great reviews and encouraged me to do more.   I began hosting the Punch Bowl Socials (I haven’t had one in a while, but will soon have one)

Then came March madness, (my mother having a heart attack, my husband’s business catching fire and my vertigo returning all at the same time and learning I was diabetic).  I was walking around with my sugar level at 600 and had no idea.  I use to pride myself of not having any medical conditions that would warrant long term use of pill prescriptions.  I couldn’t believe how the start of a new year could bring such despair.  Having this blog became more special to me than ever as it gave me the outlet I needed to divert my attentions.   Although it wasn’t all bad.. I was able to bring national best selling author, Benilde Little, to our town for a book signing (a first ever event for our town).

We participated in the big I2I Yard Sale,  in which I made enough money to complete my cobblestone walkway and spruce up our deck.

Thankfully my mother’s health has improved and my husband’s shop is back up and running.  To see her smile and continue to live and enjoy life is such a blessing.

All summer my main objective was to get my blood sugar levels right so I can stop using Metformin.  At first I was upset with my husband for bringing Cain home, but it actually helped me because walking him on a daily basis helped with my exercise which helped my sugar levels.  I jumped for joy when I checked and saw the number 97 one morning and so far I’ve been able to maintain it through a change in diet and exercise.  I haven’t taken Metformin since May and plan to stay that way.

Completing the Brick Cottage Project was another major accomplishment.  Things began to start looking positive.  June, July and August were my pick me up months, but then came September.  The month of my 52nd birthday which is usually joyful to me, until the night of Sept 26.  The night that sent my mind on another whirlwind.  The call no mother ever expects to get.  The call that would make a mother want to pass out and wake up wishing it was a nightmare.  But for me  it wasn’t.  An unknown voice telling me my son has been shot.  Telling me I need to come, telling me the address, telling me everything I needed to know except one thing.. is he alive and how bad.  She quoted hippa laws b.s but my head was too busy spinning and my breathing became uncontrollable and I was trying to grasp my brain to hear about some laws preventing me from knowing about my son.  My husband and I jumped in our car and raced to Atlanta which seemed to be the longest ride of my life, all along praying between tears and bouts nausea.  I have to thank God for me having a dear friend, Simone, who dropped everything and left to go to the hospital to be with my son until our arrival.  Pounding hearts, tears falling, nervous hands, back-to-back prayers, I couldn’t get a grip of myself…until she called.. assuring me he’s ok.  Simone was like an angel speaking to me with her soft spoken voice telling me Amir is going to be alright, telling me to calm down, take your time, I’m here and not leaving until you get here – comforting words to a mother who was loosing grip. Once she was able to see him, she called me so I could hear his voice,  and just to hear the one word “Ma” sent my heart fluttering, as it did the day he was born.  That word had never sounded sweeter and just when I thought I had run out of tears, more came pouring out.  Upon our arrival at the hospital, he was just being released.  I ran to him, grabbed him and could have squeezed the life out of him.  As he hugged me back I could feel his gentle tremors from the combination of going through that experience to being in his mother’s arms.  Needless to say, his wound was considered a graze.  The bullet grazed across his stomach.  As he told me the story of what happened, all I can remember thinking and saying, was “thank Allah for sending angels to protect him” It turned out my son was a victim of a robbery and yes the S.O.B was caught.  Four days after the nightmare was my 52nd birthday and the best gift I could have ever received was spending the day with him.  He said “whatever you want to do..is fine with me.”  Excuse our scruffy pics, but it was just a tearful time and we mustered up the desire to go out to dinner.

I still have flashback tearful moments thinking about it.  But life is going well for him and we are ever so graciously thankful to Allah.  When November came, it was imperative to be with family for the Thanksgiving Holiday, as you never know what may happen.  Being able to have my mother and son with us after such tragic happenings was so fulfilling in my heart.

As we approach the ending of this year of roller coaster moments, I feel overwhelmed, joy and yet at peace because Allah worked it out.  What a wonderful feeling when you feel saved by his grace and mercy. During this holiday season, feeling thankful for the many blessings he has bestowed upon my family, is how I’m ending this year.  I enjoyed so many moments looking back, like when my sister was hitting the jackpot at the auction, but, I’m embracing 2018 and look forward to ringing it in with positive feelings, growing my blog, and feeling good.  I’ve got some room makeovers in store and look forward to sharing them with you.  I hope to have you still following along with me as we embark in our new year of new beginnings, sharing our moments, comments and encouragements.  You have been such a wonderful group of friends, readers, followers, and having that connection is such a rewarding experience.  I pray you all have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends, be safe, be merry, and enjoy life.  From my heart I wish you all Peace and Blessings.

On a side note just to share:  I’m a Muslim by faith, and I believe in Jesus and I love gospel.  All of which is from how I was raised.

With love,



10 thoughts on “2017 – Take A Walk Back

  1. Goodevening!!!
    I was wondering what had happen to you but after taking sometime off from everyday life I decided to seek you out and read your blog. What an inspiring story you have given your blog readers. It makes me know that Im not alone in my journey of unwanted obstacles. No one thing God does not give you more than we can handle. He is a loving God and will never intentionally bring harm. He test us to see how will handle the challenges we are faced with and yes, they can be overwhelming and sometimes heart drenching. Throgh it all we continue to seek pray.
    I’am very greatful for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon so many people. Continue to inspire because you have inspired me

    • Hi Kim! What a surprise visit on the blog.. thank you for visiting and checking in on me. Trust and know you are not alone, but with faith and trust in God, he pulls us through. I appreciate your words and hope you visit more. I pray 2018 brings you much joy and peace… God bless and thank you again…

    • Thank you Neti.. i appreciate you reading and I’m equally happy that we’ve met. Wishing you all the best in 2018.. good luck with your blood sugar.. it’s not easy but diet and exercise is critical. God bless and hugs to you

  2. What a warm and emotional reflection of this year. I am and will always be proud of you and your accomplishments…this blog is IMPRESSIVE! You had a vision, pursued your dreams and continued to reach your goals. You have inspired me in so many ways and I love you! So proud of you sis.

    • Sending you a big hug sis! Your continued love and support means the world to me. I was blessed to have you as my other half in life and you continue to inspire and motivate me in so many ways as well. I look forward to sharing more of my life with you – always..

  3. My sweet friend, you are still standing in the mist of it all. To God be the glory! May this year close with continued blessings and the New Year ring in joy, peace and grace for you and your family! I love you!

    • Thank you my dear.. I can’t God enough -without him I wouldn’t be standing. I appreciate our friendship and bond and wish you continued blessings. See you in 2018! Sending love back at you

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