National Blueberry Muffin Day

Saw this recipe ….Think I want try this…

Who Needs A V-Card?

It was a snow day today so I figured I’d take advantage of this time to de-clutter my chest of papers and trash what needs to be.  As I emptied the chest, I came across a bag I had buried underneath the stack.  As I grabbed the envelopes and pulled out the letters all tucked inside, realizing what they were and my thoughts reflected back…  Oh how the years go by…. They were love letters my boyfriend/1st love – now husband wrote me while he was away in college and the military.  We wrote each other faithfully – back then long distance phone calls were expensive so we had to write.  I realize I’m the sentimental nut in the relationship because I know he can’t remember where the letters I wrote him are..  but that’s ok..


I guess you can tell he missed me..  Oh.. the wonderful days of Puppy Love..

Yes, the world says February 14th is Valentines Day- a day where many bouquets of roses will be bought, boxes of chocolate given and plenty of jewelry & cards exchanged – all to express how much you love your significant other- which are all wonderful expressions.  But after spending over 30 years with the same person, I realize the best gift is the gift of love.  Come July 11th we’ll be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary but making 33 years total being together.

Our matrimony union was blessed with two wonderful sons that was the glue to bind us together.   (Sometimes children don’t realize the secret power they possess over their parents)

There were many a times I didn’t think we’d make it, but because of love we managed to pull through the storms to make it this long.

Vacations were considered a luxury, but contrary, they are a necessity for a family and a couple – to vacate from the norm, to let go of stress, to re-group your emotions and re-kindle the flame.

One year my sons gave me rings for Valentine’s Day.  They were little at the time – I thought it was just the cutest thing they ever did – them coming to me with their little boxes and smiles on their face anticipating my excitement of seeing their gift to me.  🙂 .   I still have the little plastic jewel tone rings tucked away in my vanity.  They probably don’t remember giving them to me, but I do and I’ll never throw them away.  They’re part of my cherished memories.


This Valentine year, who needs a Valentine card??? Not me –  I don’t need a card, flowers, chocolates or jewelry to know I’m loved… My husband and sons already have that covered.. because I know they love me just as much as I love them.


Oh how the years go by. All through the changes so many times we loved, we laughed, we cried.. As the years go by

The Wallace Family

The Wallace Family

May God bless you with more love – because the greatest gift is from the heart.

The Purple Heart

It’s hard to believe how time is flying – it’s already “Stupid Cupid” time and your Vintage Girl is just a “Fool in Love”.   I bet when you read the title you probably thought of a high military honor.  The Purple Heart I’m referring to is the valentine heart your thrifty girl created using scrap fabric, ribbon, tassel and vintage jewelry to create a scented hanging sachet.  Yes, I strayed away from the traditional red  (shoot me with a bow&arrow), but I have a passion for purple.  Velvet purple at that!

It’s so simple to create.   Cut out a pattern of a heart,  sew and leave a little opening to stuff with a mixture of scented crystals and pillow stuffing. When stitching sachet add ribbon hanger.   Attach jewelry using hot glue and hand stitch the tassel on.   Forgive me for not taking step-by-step photos,  (I know I should have) but it was so simple I just figured I’d type  them and show you the finished product.

This little darling not only looks lovely, but smells just as wonderful!   The hanger is a scrap piece of ribbon left over from other projects.

The vintage pendant (which is actually an earring) was hot glued on

The tassel was clipped from a long fringe and attached with a quick hand-stitch

See how welcoming lovely it looks hanging on the door waiting to greet your loved ones who holds the key to your heart as they enter.

Another simply creative idea made from ” LOVE”


Are you ready to make one for your “HEARTS” DESIRE?

A Freebie Update

Two weeks ago, I came across my favorite antique mall going out of business.  “Oh nooooooo!!”  That wasn’t good to hear.  A business for over 30 years – gone-  Ole Town Antiques- a major go-to place for the antiquer’s dream to shop.  Through the rubble of complete disarray – I found a step stool – pretty beat up.  I asked a gentleman walking by “how much is it” -he looked around at all the “stuff” and said “take it – it won’t be missed in all this mess”.. Ok cool..   I could use one for my office space.  I like to prop my feet up while I’m typing – helps with circulation.

Here is the freebie stepstool:


You see why he gave it away….

Here’s the after:

I really like the green/copper look…


How refreshing it looks… and it’s perfect for me to rest my feet on.    Another quick and simple update by your Thrifty Vintage Girl..  and my best advice is …. Always take advantage of a freebie  🙂

See you again real soon

Goodwill Trip

I made a trip to the Goodwill again, feeling a bit discouraged because lately I hadn’t lucked up on anything.  I did find a hurricane and a square vase, so I picked them up.   They’ll come in handy one day.


Then I received the latest Pier 1 magazine in the mail and this caught my eye:

The hurricane vase.. see their price – $40.00 with 20% off (whoopdy-doo)  just hurricane wood base $32.00

The hurricane I lucked up on was $6.75 – so I decided to re-create the look for less using the hurricane vase I picked up at Goodwill and the $1.00 candle I bought the last time Goodwill Hunting.    I found a base I had lying around the house, and some stones from other plants and created the look.    So I re-dressed the table update.   My update cost –  a mere $7.75  (boo-yahhh!)

        I also added a simple little touch to the table

I definitely like the new look of this table.  So I feel confident to continue with project.